Kongk Albert McNamara

Eva Fernández
Uncle Albert McNamara, 2020 Digital print on Ilford Galerie Pearl paper
80 x 120cm
City of Perth Cultural Collections


Ngany moorn-kadak woomboodin-kadak. Barang yira noonan kaat wer woomboodin-kadak. Yoowardjil kanya-kadak ali noonan boodja-k koorl wer noonan nakolak.

Ngany koolang-kwart Subiaco, 1944 wer nyin West Perth wer Subiaco. Nganyang maambart Albert, baal Ireland-ool wer baal warn ‘tram maaman’ wedjanginy ‘tram-bibool’. Nganyang ngaangk, Ruby Clinch, baal Yamaji wer koolang-kwart Wiluna-ngat. Baal yoordjang wer yidjow Moore River Native Settlement-ak, baal yaka dambart mika-kadak. Baal yoowardjil dandjoo-karo baalang moort-kadak yalka ngany aliny-koorl 65 wer baal koordoo kwobadjil ngany-ak.


Ngany warn boorn-kadak- midi. Bandang nganyang koolangka mar-warn-kadak warniny.

Ngolanga nganyang warn-kaadadjiny, ngany nginow aliny 7 years wer birdiyabiny. Kwadjat Nyoongar maaman-ak, baal moroyit warn- kadak wer ngany-ak kalyakoorl wara kwerl waangkan.

Yeyi ngany dandjoo-nyin Local wer Regional Co-Design Group, Federal Birdiya-k Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt. Ngany Honorary Birdiya-k Telethon Koolangka-ngat. Ngany dandjoo warn-kadak City of Boorloo-k, Walyalap-ngat wer Armadale-ngat wer Richmond Wellbeing wer Looking Forward.

Baalap waangkan ngany doora nganop warn yalka ali wara worayin ngany-ak!!


Irene wer ngany dandjoo kardo-kadak 1962. Ngalak 5 noba-kadak, 3 yoka-kadak, 19 ‘grannies’-kadak, 11 koomba ‘grannies’-kadak wer yeyi June, 2020, 4 koomba, koomba ‘grannies’-kadak.


I’m a proud blackfella. Hold your head up and be proud. Never be ashamed of where you come from and of your culture.

I was born in Subiaco in 1944 and we lived in West Perth and Subiaco when I was a child. My father, Albert, was from Ireland, and he worked as a tram conductor. My mum, Ruby Clinch, was Yamitji and was born in Wiluna. She was taken away and put into Moore River Native Settlement when she was three months old. She never reunited with her family but I did go back there when I was 65 and it was a good experience.

I’m a wood machinist-cabinet maker by trade. All my children have got a trade. When I did my apprenticeship, I stayed seven years and became a foreman. Being Aboriginal it was hard to get a job and I used to get called a few names. Now I’m on the Local and Regional Co-Design Group for the federal Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt. I’m an honorary Elder for Telethon for Kids. I’m involved with City of Perth, Fremantle and Armadale, as well as Richmond Wellbeing and Looking Forward. People say I should be retired but that’s a swear word for me!

Irene and I have been married since 1962. We have 5 boys, 3 girls, 19 grandchildren, 11 great grannies, and in June 2020 we will have 4 great-great grannies.

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